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  • Résumé est exactement "Marie Gravesen ((Early Stage Researcher within the Real Project-University of Cologne, Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology) uses participatory mapping as a method to understand land use and mobility in Laikipia, Kenya. The land in Laikipia is overused and fragmented. During the past 100 years, it has been, and still is, claimed by different groups of people on different grounds. Ranchers, pastoralists, conservationists and smallholder farmers all use the land for different purposes and have different interests. Among those are the Samburu pastoralists, who have come to Laikipia in search for grazing since the weather conditions in Samburu, an area further north, have changed and grazing has become scarce there. One way of learning about people and land in Laikipia, how the land has changed, been used how people have moved through it, is participatory mapping."
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